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We dive into the 50 school districts of Pennsylvania, we pay the best of their teachers and we discovered how the Lehigh Valley area stacked up. Only the school districts of Catasauqua and Parkland made the top 50. Pennsylvania traditionally offers teachers a competitive wage through collective bargaining. The school district is in Upper Bucks County. The average salary for teachers in Pennsylvania in 2015-16 was $65,205, but a teacher`s actual salary varies from school district to school district. The average salary for teachers in public schools for 2014-15 was $57,420, according to the National Education Association. The average in charter schools can fall as low as $24,901 U.S. to a peak of $100,000, according to the Pennsylvania Department of Education. The 50 school districts that pay the highest wages to their teachers are negotiated through individual contracts that take into account the regional cost of living, years of experience and education.

Teachers` salaries vary widely in the United States. New York State offers some of the best teacher salaries in the nation with an average salary of $77,628, while it drops to $40,934 in South Dakota.