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Without military force, the secretary-general`s coercive power is limited, but the position enjoys a harassing chair. The current Secretary General, Portuguese politician Antonio Guterres, now in his third year, has sought to promote international cooperation against warmer temperatures. At a climate summit that Guterres convened on Monday, he told participants that their grandchildren would suffer without more aggressive measures, and «I refuse to be complicit in the destruction of their only home.» The United Nations Conference on the International Organization (UNCIO), known as the San Francisco Conference, was a gathering of delegates from 50 allied nations held from April 25, 1945 to June 26, 1945 in San Francisco, California, United States of America. At that meeting, delegates reviewed and rewrote the dumbarton Oaks Agreements of the previous year. [1] The Convention resulted in the creation of the Charter of the United Nations, which was opened for signature on 26 June, the last day of the conference. The conference took place in various locations, including the War Memorial Opera, with the Charter signed on June 26 at the Fall Theatre at the Civic Centre. A square next to the city`s civic center, called «UN Plaza,» recalls the conference. Every fall, the UN General Assembly, the organization`s main decision-making body, where each member has a voice, becomes a stage where presidents and prime ministers can give speeches that can skyrocket, be clichéd or somewhere in between. Despite the recommended 15-minute delay, many leaders exceed them. Some have delivered long incoherent tirades, as colonel Muammar Gaddafi, Libya`s strongman, gave in 2009.

(Fidel Castro`s longest General Assembly address ever was four hours and 29 minutes on September 26, 1960.) The project was developed by a 44-nation legal committee, which met in Washington in April 1945. All this seems exaggerated — especially when the four committees are divided into twelve technical committees — but in the meantime, it was the quickest way to secure the broadest discussion and reach the last ounce of the agreement.