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3) You must bring an action to revoke the sales contract because of the buyer`s omission in the payment of the balance Payment Order VII rule 11 of the Code of Civil Procedure, establishes a comprehensive list of technical restrictions that may lead to a refusal of an appeal. The provision empowers the Court to dismiss an appeal if there is no, among other things, disclosure of a plea or limitation statute of limitations, without addressing the merits of the dispute. The case before the court concerned the cancellation of a sales register for similar reasons. The Apex court dismissed the appeal and found that, in accordance with sections 58 and 59 of the Statute of Limitation Act 1963, the statute of limitations for the annulment of a deed or termination of a contract is three years from the date on which the right to sue is first acquired; the applicant did not comply with the appeal, so the appeal is prescribed. 3. The seller will not be able to claim anything from you, for lack of the initial agreement, 1. They had reached an agreement on the action against an act of the other party, the appeal or recourse to quash a document in nullu is generally agreed in the civil court and a party cannot be deprived of its right to obtain that relief authorized by law, unless a declaration of law or status and a tenure holder is necessarily required , in the discharge event for erasure will be surplus and superfluous. A registered farmer who holds the title of prima facie in his favour can hardly be incentivized to go to the Finance Tribunal to apply for the exemption for annulment of an unquestioned document that encouraged him to go to court and, in this case, he can also apply for a subsidiary action, although this may be granted by the Finanzgericht. 8) You can terminate the contract by informing the seller that you do not wish to continue the purchase of real estate and terminate the contract.

The common law recognizes the absence of an act of conceited transmission or execution or an act governing the relationship between two or more persons. Under Section 17 of the Specific Relief Act, a contract to sell a property cannot be imposed specifically for the benefit of the seller who has not given himself the right to own a property. Similarly, if the seller enters into a contract on the assumption that he owned a good property of the property, it cannot give the title to the buyer free of reasonable doubts, but not at the time set by the parties, who receives the title without a doubt reasonable. Does a person aggrieved by such a nullity instrument necessarily have to ask for the repeal of such an instrument? Is it necessary for a person aggrieved by the transfer of property (contract) that exists between two persons with respect to his own property and who, on the face of it, is void because the seller of this transaction does not have the right to transfer the property to the Vendee to take legal action? Can`t he execute and record an act that nullifies the insulting act of sale? «that for the purpose of challenging an act that constitutes a recorded act, the basis must be established in the briefs and subsequently by maintaining the provisions of the Act on evidence, the relevant and admissible evidence to be recorded.