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20. TERMINATION: When a horse in possession or lease is sold, retired or retired, the partnership may continue and resell, lease or purchase another horse, unless three-quarters of the company`s interests vote in favour of terminating the partnership and distributing the product. In the absence of such a vote, the partnership will end shortly thereafter, as the partnership no longer owns horses or leases horses or votes in favour of termination by a vote of three-quarters. On the termination date, the Executive Agent ensures the orderly transfer of partnership assets and the distribution of revenues to partners in relation to their partnership interests. For the purposes of this article, the assessment of the value of partnership assets by executive representatives is conclusive in good faith. One of The core values of Owners for Owners is a total commitment to transparency and openness in everything related to horse ownership and the community of a racehorse partnership. Of course, it is very important that everyone understands their responsibilities and duties to each other and to the horse. Some unions are asking their owners to sign a more legal and detailed contract. We have chosen a more modern approach, which is to design a number of partnership principles and then extend them to more detailed statements on the principles in practice. «We bought Weekend Squall in Kentucky for $20,000,» Carvajal said. «We made over $100,000 with her and sold it for $260,000.» Gary Margolis and Tom Tuttle are partners in the groups formed by coach Wally Dollase. You have to be able to buy good horses to be competitive,» said Margolis. I was partnering with the deputy commander and Helmsman. Tuttle added: «The only downside to partnerships is the loss of control.

But you can enter the winner`s circle with a minimum investment. While Ken McPeek is still among the partner managers and trainers to provide owners with the highest return on investment in the industry, we recognize the risks associated with owning racehorses. Therefore, all owners of Magdalena Racing must sign the Magdalena Racing Co-Owners` Operating Principles agreement to ensure that owners` expectations are met.