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We use our geographical and cultural diversity and encourage our promising employees to seek international contracts to gain experience from a global perspective. Managing Global Compensation: Time to Take Control We help you improve your international mission policy based on global benchmarks. An effective category management organization is based on the allocation of categories and the overall definition and attribution of the corresponding roles and responsibilities. Our international intervention programs combine local knowledge and global understanding It supports customers in Germany, Italy, Scandinavia, United Kingdom, Brazil, Venezuela, USA and Korea for a variety of orders, such as the company. B, overall brand and operating strategy as well as improved wholesale/retail performance. The advice, distribution and service around the theme of tuning workouts are for DREHMO a global task that TOURNEMO has solved for decades with international collaborators for you. From global magnetic field observation to textile research: in TU9 universities, there are many projects and institutions with specific research missions. As an auxiliary to the service network, ZSK has a separate team of highly qualified service technicians for global missions. The Partner Assistance Program (PSP) aims to make a global mission an attractive choice for the delegate`s spouse by focusing on full integration during the period abroad. I also had a client assignment with Daimler Global Account, one of the T-Systems` Key Accounts. Our international program combines local knowledge with global knowledge Each of the global business units represents a wide range of possible missions: the customer is required to inform us about potentially existing global orders, particularly to a bank or a factoring bank. He assists clients in Germany, Italy, Scandinavia, the United Kingdom, Brazil, Venezuela, the United States and Korea in numerous projects, including corporate strategy, global brand and business strategy, and improved performance in the wholesale and retail trade.

His duties include the roles of CEO/COO of the world`s leading organizations. In order to broaden your horizons and strengthen interaction within the Roland Berger network, we encourage international project missions and global intervention programs. The transfer of know-how is part of the Fraunhofer Institute`s self-allocation and wants to keep companies fit to stay in complex and global competition.