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Some of the characteristics of registering a FFGA electronically are unique compared to the processing of other types of free trade agreements. These unique characteristics are addressed in this chapter. 30 would be where special arrangements are made for the construction of so-called coherent activities that are not part of the federal project, but are essential to them. For example, the vertical traffic building, built as part of the Northstar Project and the Minnesota Twins Stadium, the construction of the Minneapolis-St airport. Paul Airport, part of the Hia watha Light Rail project, and the construction of the airport at San Francisco Airport, which was part of the AirPort of BarT s. 1. Section 1. Definitions The Definitions section contains definitions of the terms used throughout the FFGA and contains weaknesses for several terms, which are explained in more detail in the specific provisions of the contract (e.g.B. esti-mate basis, estimated net project costs and maximum Fed financial contributions for new launches). The FTA also uses this section to define terms that are unique for a specific FFGA (z.B. the term «Twins Interrelated Ac-tivities» in the Northstar, Minnesota, FFGA commuter railway project is defined as certain activities that are formed and paid for, which are related to the station associated with the construction of a new baseball sta-dium).

2. Section 2- Objectives of the Agreement There are four stated objectives of the FFGA: to provide federal financial support to the project, to describe the project to be financed and built, to define the maximum financial commitment of the Confederation for new departures for the project and to determine the financial commitment of the fellow for the project. 3. Section 3.Previous Federal Documents and Grants This section contains general language on previous agreements between the ESTV and the Fellow. It reflects the fact that the project is subject to the conditions of previous grants, which are put in place by reference to the FFGA, unless an earlier duration or condition is replaced by the FFGA.