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Customer: The part on the account from which the positions are finally abandoned for compensation. Although the customer (sometimes referred to as a «customer») may authorize another party to place orders on their behalf, the customer is still a party to the additional fee contract (the «agreement»). Although it may authorize a trader to sign on his behalf (and can be identified by an account number in the trader`s version), he is ultimately responsible for positions obligations, such as margin, delivery, etc. The Futures Industry Association has entrusted London-based Markit Group with the provision of a comprehensive system of electronic discount contracts that enable exporting brokers, countervailing brokers and their clients to execute discount agreements online. The electronic platform is supposed to occur an abandonment if a futures trader uses a broker to conduct a trading, and another to clear it, forcing the export broker to «give» the trading to the countervailing broker. It is estimated that more than 15,000 such agreements are carried out each year, involving almost all of the Commission`s futures traders who carry out the client transaction. A: Customer/distributor parties have the option of retaining doc agreements. Customers/resellers who do not wish to store documents in Docs have access to the execution free of charge and have seven days after the execution to print or send the contract by email. A: If a legacy agreement has been put online and a PDF rate plan has been attached to the agreement, the legacy agreement will be included in the evaluation. However, if the licensing agreement is not assigned to a tariff plan in the «Tariffplan» section, it is not excluded.

Registered Webinars: Introduction to workflow docs: This session gives companies an overview of the system dashboard and how to support an implementation derinitiation agreement. This site provides training and documentation materials for users of the new Docs platform (formerly EGUS). As FIA Tech continues to develop and add improvements to the Docs platform, we will provide our users with additional training and troubleshooting resources A: No. Companies may have multiple directors for the institution, but they cannot have a director for each party. All administrators have access to information/authorizations for all users and parts of the institution. A: FIA Tech does not provide legal advice; However, there is no need to allow counterparties to post a legacy agreement. Only the counterparties of the agreement can see this agreement. A: The Documentation page contains information about the new platform, including user manuals, registered webinars and other information, and is updated with new materials, if available. The FIA Law and Compliance Division regularly publishes and updates standard agreements for the future-give-up process. FIA Tech, for its part, manages Accelerate DocsTM (formerly Electronic Give-Up System (EGUS) which allows brokers, traders and customers to electronically execute standard «give-up» agreements.